Surrounding a cause with great people was the foundation for assembling the Whistler Entertainment Inc/ Base Camp 40 Board of Directors. When you combine individuals who have a deep appreciation for the sacrifice's made by our brave men and women in the military, soldier's who have proudly served our country themselves, and individual's who have an engrained appreciation for hunting and the gifts of the great outdoors, you create a team that will move mountains to ensure the success of BC40's "Mission To Fulfill The Vision". We are very blessed to have such a great group of people in our corner, a group who truly "get's it" when it comes to giving back to our country's heroes. We deeply thank them and our dedicated volunteers who make BC40 what it is. We could'nt begin to do it without them......

With the utmost gratitude,

Paul Bristol
BC40 Founder/ Director
President, Whistler Entertainment Inc/ Base Camp 40, Warrior's In The Wild

Scott Brown
BC40 Assistant Director
Vice President, Whistler Entertainment/ Base Camp 40, Warrior's In The Wild

Paul Bristol- BC40 Founder (with wife Lori)

 Born and raised in Grand Junction, CO, Paul Bristol has been an avid hunter for most of his life. Having spent many years guiding and for five years managing a ranch on Glade Park, his appreciation for the gifts of Nature runs deep. With a BA in Psychology from Cal State University at Northridge, he spent 5 years in the field of dealing with troubled youth, with training in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and PTSD related intervention. He has been employed by the Union Pacific Railroad for the past 18 years as an engineer, and views BC40 as "a passion and responsibility as a citizen" and not a job. He resides in Grand Junction, CO, with his wife Lori, who also shares his love for the outdoors and hunting, as well has his commitment to our veterans. Lori has a significant family history when it comes to the military, with her father Wayne Curtis serving as a pilot in the USAF during WWII, and her brother Johnny O'Brien tragically being killed in action in Vietnam. Paul's appreciation for the sacrifices of our military stem from his father Rock Bristol's service in the US Navy during the Korean War, and the service of his three cousins during  the Vietnam era.

"I like to compare BC40 to the developement of a race car. I had the blueprint, a blue print that was brought to life by our volunteers and sponsors. The track on which our brave veterans get to drive these cars on is the heart of BC40, that being the genorous landowners. Without them, BC40 would not be possible. Whatever we do for our veterans will never be enough, for their sacrifice and bravery is something that you cannot truly measure. I am one of the lucky ones that get to have the honor to serve them here at home. Chris Kyle had a huge impact on what we do, for his dedication to the cause of serving his Brother's in Arms was unwavering. He will never be forgotten...."

"2012 Veteran Hunter Ryan Alaniz gave me this quote in regards to what BC40 does for our veteran's. "Helping our veterens rediscover what they so proudly fought to defend.....that being...... freedom........"  - Paul Bristol, BC40 Founder 

Scott Brown- BC40 Co-Founder/ Asst. Director

 Scott Brown serves as a true example of "giving back to his Brother's in Arms". Having proudly served this country as a Marine in Iraq in 2003, Scott continually gives back through his music as front man for the Montgomery, TX, based Scooter Brown Band. Scott was a major voice behind the beginning of BC40, and continues on as Asst. Director of BC40, and Vice President of Whistler Entertainment Inc. His dedication to miltary events throughout Texas is unmatched, with his involvement in BC40 proving to be a major asset to our goal to reaching as many veterans as possible. Scott and his wife Vicki are proud parents of three girls, Logan (6), Kingsley (4), and Anniston (1). 

Jamie Current- Board Member

2017 Colorado Archery Season!

2017 Colorado Archery Season!

Jamie and his wife Dana have supported Whistler Entertainment Inc/ BC40 since its inception 6 years ago. Not only do they contribute finically, they also are in the trenches in all aspects of what we do. From guiding Vets, to setting up Base Camp, to supporting events out of state, their dedication to the "Mission" is beyond steadfast. As a successful business owner, Jamie brings great vision to the BC40 table, with his entire family being a vital cog in the success of what we do.

Wayne Telford- Board Member

Wayne Telford, center, with BC40 Founder Paul Bristol (left) and Vietnam Veteran Ron Fussey, on the 2015 Seal On The Mountain Hunt..

Wayne Telford, center, with BC40 Founder Paul Bristol (left) and Vietnam Veteran Ron Fussey, on the 2015 Seal On The Mountain Hunt..

USN Veteran LT Wayne Telford brings the Veterans presence to the BC40 Board, a presence that is widely respected among all in the organization. Wayne not only served proudly during the Vietnam War, but also is a Gold Star father. A staunch advocate for Veterans in his work with the VA, Wayne carries with him the mission of bringing awareness to Veteran suicide. Losing his daughter Brooke to suicide after 17 years in the Air Force, Wayne has walked the path that so many cannot fathom, and has turned his tragedy into spiritually based message that resonates with all who have received the blessing to have met with him. BC40 is blessed to have him and his wife Lana in our circle.....